Can someone upload notes of pair of straight lines

Please someone upload notes of pair of straight lines.

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These are good but not that detailed @arush_2019 .If anyone has good notes given by their coaching teachers then plz upload.

What do you need ? Summary notes or complete chapter notes ?

No not summary notes I need Complete notes but not entire chapter only pair of straight lines part will do.

image image

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And after you have complete the chapter and just want to revise the chapter in a glimpse ( basically formulae) then you can use this :-
image image

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IMG_20191018_104941 IMG_20191018_104932 IMG_20191018_104925
No doubt the notes posted by others are good. Just wanted to share my JEE notes, in case if anything is new


very nice handwriting

Again...we could consider making a new thread to share good hand-written pdf notes of various chapters in all subjects!