Can someone tell for how much time to study and how much time to take break?


I am thinking to study in slots of 3 hour and than take half hour break in which I will eat food and rest. Any suggestions?
Btw targeting IIIT Hyderabad


Hello Rishabh_Singh8
Time allotment depends and varies from people to people and if you are comfortable with 3 hours without break and focus hindrance then it's best for you but if it's lacks then try to reduce the duration and get some rest like few minutes nap or music break or getting juice break and so many things to do depends on your choice which can make you concentrated for next sitting and always remain hydrated because it will make you feel refreshed to do more and Revise more rather than getting new stuffs.


Taking breaks between studies, depends on you. It's not necessary that you will study for a fix no. Of hours then take a break, If you feel exhausted even after studying for 2 hours then you can take a break then, because studying for jee is very hectic, so taking proper breaks is very much required for proper functioning of your brain.
Before one month of exam, you can do one thing that is sit for three hours, take a sample test of yourself( solving Jee mains sample paper) then take rest. This will boost your confidence a lot.


There are nothing like schedules for studying. if you really find the subject interesting u won't notice the time passing. Try to study new concepts in a peaceful environment either early morning or late night that really makes a huge difference. Otherwise if u have a pair of noise cancelling headphones You really don't find any disturbances. if you do feel need to rest, take a break for 5-6 minutes not more than that you don't want to break the rhythm of your mind while studying.
Hope this helps you. All the best for your preparation.