Can someone send me JEE Advance level notes given by their JEE faculties?

Hello seniors and my fellow aspirants. I am in need of handwritten notes for the following topics which cover the full chapter thoroughly. Please try to send me notes for the following Topics ASAP -

  1. P block elements
  2. D & F block elements
  3. Polymers and Biomolecules
  4. S block elements
  5. Nuclear Chemistry
    I would be very grateful if you do help. Thx in advance.

Someone please.

@Soumyadeep Search the thread - " thread to share jee study materials " u will find everything there.

I can't find that thread, could you please share the link to the same ?

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It shows I don't have access to that topic. Please help.


This thread is only for old members of goiit who have actually replied on this that thread. I will try and find for you @soumyadeep no assurance tho,

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Any book for the same? which is not too costly.

So what do I do, can you all please find me link for the topics I mentioned ?

Okay wait up I’ll search. None of the chapters you mentioned are there. I will find it somewhere on the Internet.

Thanks for helping, though if not on the thread can someone share their own notes?

I'll be up for sharing class 11 notes. But you could ask @Viraj @pratyaksh_tyagi @Siddhant_Mudholkar @Aayush

It would be helpful if you could share Chemical Bonding Notes.

Class 11 notes: Not mine but from FIITJEE (decent batch imo coz the notes are good)


Class 11 & 12: (dont know how good these are)


Visit here


S- block notes(abhinav sir) (14.0 MB)

Here enjoy!
I do have thermodynamics notes in pdf form, if someone wants can ask me.

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Thanks a lot mate, well if do have thermo notes but it would be great if you share yours too

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