Can someone provide a list of maximum and minimum oxidation number of each group?

Also, if any possible formulae to find maximum and minimum oxidation number

See maximum and minimum oxidation of a Carbon group is 6 except carbon(4).
Can you can find according to given compound.

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Thanks can you also provide for other groups?

For Nitrogen group Nitrogen has various oxidation state like (+3,5 also negative oxidation state)
Phosphorus has maximum (+5)

I think this is given properly in NCERT ... Just refer that for Mains

Maximum Oxidation Number = Valence Electrons
Minimum Oxidation Number = Valence Electrons - 8

But I have read only two oxidation state +2 and +4 is possible in 14 group


Yeah you are right but I was thinking about Si compund but clear now thanks.

22%20PM 23%20%20dv 23%20PM 24%20PM 25%20PM
Here's the snap from my last year notes on the same ... I hope it would help

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