Can someone please upload formulae booklet of physics for quick revision

Please share it will be a great help

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formulae-sheets-for-physics-2017-1.pdf (873.1 KB)


Can u upload revision sheet for maths even?

Thanks @Akash_Mukherjee
do u have a similar one for chem and maths ? pls share if posible bro.

No bro I have Allen's handbook PDF of chemistry


Please share if possible

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@Vimlesh_Vijayvergia see above

thanks pratyaksh but i have seen the handbooks.. they are bulky ..just see the physics one is above 200 pages .. imo it is not very convinient for quick rvsn.. whereas the one posted by akash above was compact covering almost all major formulae.. thats why asked(there are some very few in formulas here & there tho i feel )

@Viraj I don't think there can be any mistake in that formula sheet
.. but though I have not seen it properly... But it's a sheet written by a great author... Just go through his website once.. u may agree on my words...

Hmm , yeah this one covers all formulas

lol bro i am not questioning the greatness of author , minute errors can occur anywhere. maybe typesetting error too..

see the variation of g with depth and height..they have shuffled it
see the potential of solid sphere..they have nt given the correct expression imo

Hmmm... ,:thinking::joy::joy::joy::joy:

physics formulas and concepts.pdf (383.1 KB)

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Bro, u have sth like this for chem and maths too?

Math Formulas Book For JEE MAIN & Advanced.pdf (2.4 MB)

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see reso formula booklet nicely given
Mathematics-Formula-Booklet.pdf (4.8 MB)

Chemistry-Formula-Booklet.pdf (8.5 MB)

Physics-Formula-Booklet (1).pdf (10.2 MB)


Resonance material is just CRAP
lots of printing mistakes don't go for it

This is ALLEN physics Handbook pdf (38.8 MB)