Can someone please give me the 1st ai2ts paper for class xi in 2018?

I have my ai2ts on 16th of september 2019 and would like to solve last years paper for some preparation,though current state of prep isnt all that great.Maybe solving the paper will give an better insight into the difficulty level of the exams.Any tips are appreciated.

Current prep includes:-
Structure of an atom and periodic table using jd lee(back exercises done)
Stoichometry using n awasthi(all levels solved)
Physics using hc verma(all problems done)(chapters are vectors,kinematics and dimensions)
Maths I follow g tewani,staright line and pair of straight lines done with back questions solved,trigo pending.

Can some one please comment on my current level of prep in regards to the ai2ts exam?

All help is appreciated!

Physics me hc verma sufficent nahi hai aits and advanced level par try dc pandey or bm sharma thats it everything is fine and try to do vk jaiswal inorganic chemistry like periodic chapter as you have studied its definitely would increase your grisp on inorganic thats it nothing more

So physics more problems ,that's it right? Other than sab thik-thak hai na? Thanks for the reply

Even I study at fiitjee so from my experience
package and archive are sufficient.

Ok thanks! Will solve the archive as well.How was your first ai2ts like? Can you please share the paper?

Generally 11 ai² ts is easy. I got 59% in the first . so u can easily get 65-66% .I don't have the paper try to find onlinr

I see. So book questions+packages+archive is good enough preparation right?

Paper anybody?