Can somebody please provide link for Organic Chemistry video lectures?

I am looking for video lecture of organic chemistry.

Search for Sachin rana on youtube/unacademy

In which order should I go?

There is channel on youtube called carrier savior on youtube which provide all etoos lecture for free try it . Further search about this on telegram i am pretty sure there are a lot of channel on telegram which provide all these content for free. Also try sachin rana on unacad

You can look for sachi rana’s course on unacademy , he has mentioned the order to be followed

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First Goc and rest every branch of functional groups as chapter

If you does have some time to invest,then start with Etoos lectures...but if you are running out of time...then start off with sachin Rana's lectures for OC...the sources for both are already mentioned in the above few posts.

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