Can anyone tell me tricks to learn constituents of dettol given in NCERT and other important terms in this chapter?


Can anyone tell me tricks to learn consituents of dettol given in ncert and other important terms in this chapter


Dettol ends with "ol"
Chloroxylen ol and
Terpine ol are the constittuents

I would suggest you read away previous 10 years boards questions and their solutions from this chapter. There are only 70 questions (they repeat themselves year after year so dont worry) ranging from 1 mark to 4 marks (VBQ) with max asked from Threapeutic action of drugs.

You will master it in one sitting I can assure you that. For better retention, you may want to read and underline whatever line reminds you of an answer to one of the asked questions that you recall from NCERT.


Go to if you want Oswaal capterwise solved questions


See, its pretty simple just draw the structures 2-3 times and recite it. I personally learnt them using this technique and for this chapter note down all structural formulae separately and recite it several times.


There is kind of no need for any trick just give this chapter little extra time draw the structure and kind of write other terms and do it like fill up type questions(not mcqs) if possible you will easily memorise also my experience of jee was the question from this chapter was kind of complex and also pretty difficult you need memorise all structures and names
Good Luck.


See if you will go by tricks, then you might get confused as there will be so many tricks made by you from different chapters.
So better go on revising and writing that part everytime you open the book,and do this for Atleast 2-3 times.
You'll automatically memorise all these constituents, without any trick