Can anyone suggest me how to improve my Coordinate Geometry for adv?

I am not very good at coordinate geometry especially conic sections. But as it is a very important section for advanced, I want to be good at it. so pls tell me how can I excel in it?

@Bhuvanitha_2020 @Achyut_2020 @abhijit_2020 pls suggest me.

I will say you should solve cengage

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Just try to solve cengage from very basic , for coordinate geon, cengage covers up almost all the required formulas as well as standard questions, so it can be of great help


Try to solve mock papers better and do coordinate geometry problems it will be better rather than doing reference books at this time @Prajwal_2020_1

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@abhijit_2020 test papers are obviously best source for questions , but if your concepts are weak , or you are lacking some theortical knowledge then reference book will be more helpful and then if you need some questions then go for test papers


Also in test papers solutions are given in very short(sometimes not) ,and there will be difficulty in understanding ,so cengage is good as it has many examples with detailed solution

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Go with cengage.
This is topic is very weak when I was in class 11 but in 12th whatever mark that I score in mock test (math) more than 50% was from this portion .

Try previous year questions also.
They are great source of almost all kinds of problems from this portion.


Thank you everyone for your suggestions.:innocent: