Can anyone share Vikas Gupta advanced level problems in coordinate geometry?


Can anyone share Vikas gupta advanced level problems in coordinate geometry ?


Not available on the internet as PDF. You'll have to buy it.


You must have to buy it.its soft copy is not available :sweat_smile:


Search in

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I suggest you to search first on GoIIT itself your required book. There are a lot of study materials already uploaded here on the website.
Did you mean Co-ordinate Geometry itself or the whole Maths syllabus ? @ujwal_2020

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I am talking about co-ordinate geometry by Vikas Gupta of Balaji Publication not that one of whole syllabus book.
The link which you provided does not contain the book that is required


It is better if you buy its hard copy rather searching for the soft copy as my personal experience says. Because I also solve this book at my JEE time and it helps me a lot to increase confidence on conic section topic :love_you_gesture:


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