Can anyone share best and good level questions of coordinate geometry?


Can anyone share good and high level questions of coordinate geometry?


You can go with (advanced problem in mathematics) by bajagi publication. It has very good quality of questions.


Yo! I used to solve Arihant series for mathematics. Arihant's S.k goyal is one of the best book I'll prefer to someone who's interested in co-ordinate geometry for any competitive level. Also, its error less and less costly :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


Initially go for SK goyal. If u have solved it completely, then go for advanced problems in mathematics. It contains very good quality problems.


I had gone for cengage initially . Isn't it good for coordinate?

Advanced problems by Vikas gupta or the particular coordinate geometry book written by him?


Surely it is coordinate geometry by vikas gupta


Can anyone share its pdf form?