Can anyone recommend me videos to watch for revision

Can anyone tell me about the best lectures to watch for physics,chemistry maths on youtube

For physics, try physics galaxy videos (advance illustration)

Can anyone suggest me for chemistry and maths

maths mohit tyagi
physics ashish arora
chemistry ATP

@Achyut_2020 which kind of videos do you need basically?
Theory , illustrations , full length chapters , etc

Sir i need those videos which explain concepts plus questions

For maths , the only good channel i found was mohit tyagi , but his lectures are very detailed and hence time consuming

For physics , physics galaxy is the best option, ashish sir has made short and concise videos which isn’t much time consuming + covers up everything

For chemistry I don’t have much idea ,
For organic although sachin rana’s channel is good .

You can try sachin Rana for math also on unacademy (very less time consuming videos)

Thanks everyone