Can anyone provide old sheets of bansal classes which were thought to be super tough?

Can anyone provide old sheets of bansal classes which were thought to be super tough?

Bansal sheets were basically basal classes modules , as far as i know. (They called them sheets previously) and modules haven’t changed much , so if you want to practise those questions , then you can try getting access to bansal classes modules


Sir Thanks, but where can i get those?

You can buy those from second hand market , or pdf is also available on net , for some chapters , but that pdf thing is a complete time waste , you’ll end up loosing your time in searching for those , and them those pdfs will be incomplete.
So rather buy them from some second hand book market

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That old sheets are not available now, I also searched for them after listening to Kalpit Veerwal sir . May be kalpit sir can only help us in that. I messaged him on quora but he never replied

@Gaurav_2020_3 there isn’t much difference between old and new modules, and whatever changes are there , are for better and are made keeping the current jee pattern in mind .

So wasting your precious time in searching for ‘old bansal sheets’, isn’t worth at all .
Simply go for the new modules if you have access to them

92356191-Bansal-CLasses-Physics-Study-Material-for-IIT-JEE.pdf (63.8 MB)
bro i have this one


bansal class 11 dpp.pdf (7.6 MB)
this is class 11 dpp physics

This material is nice you also have for chem and maths?

no i don,'t have any dpp for maths and chem.. and Q.Bank was that one only that i Had shared ..

I "can" upload more like this but won't, under restrictions.
DE & AUC_12th (2018C)_E.pdf (4.9 MB) DET & MAT_12th (2018C)_E.pdf (10.8 MB)


Thanks for uploading @Lavesh_2020
Ya ,only share other materials if it do not trouble you.

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Please share of maths at least if possible please

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Can u please share For other chap of Maths ..
Request !!:slightly_smiling_face: