Can anyone please provide me with FIITJEE review package physics jee advanced

I really need that but unfortunately I don't have it.
Pls share . I really need it . Jee advanced.
U can use can scanner or if u have a PDF that's also fine

I think its available in cheap price in olx if you want to buy as i have seen some sellers selling fiitjee packages, pdf format i haven't seen anywhere though i can't tell you 100% whether pdf is available or not as many new apps are there in playstore which provides you free material for jee in those you can get it i think so i had got all allen modules pdf in one app you may try.

Do u have it?

I have it but not pdf

could you please use cam scanner and upload it . i really need it . it will be of great help.

@abhijit_2020 can you do it