Basic doubt from ionic equillibrium

In this question for dissociation of NH4OH can't we write as in equillibrium condition c(1-@) c@ c@ . Is there a specific reason for what it has done by mole method .?

You can solve this question by that too.
Note c@=[OH^-]

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Ques 23 anyone

@Satyendra_2019 @Bhuvanitha_2020

What is the answer?

Answer is 4.92
Finally Here conc.of NaCl and HA is equal.

I solved this problem before but there pH is given as 5

Yes I am getting pka = 4.92

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Yes bro its correct , can you please elaborate your working?

@Satyendra_2019 @Manu_2020 please tell

At end point of titration
moles of HA=moles of NaOH added=3.612


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