At AIR 8923 in JEE Adv and AIR 13250 in JEE Main, what are my best options?


Dear aspirants and mentors,
I have got AIR 8,923 in jee adv
and AIR 13,250 in jee main.
Based on previous year closing ranks, I have the following options-

Mechanical at IIT jammu
Metallurgy and material science at IIT bhubaneshwar,
Chemical engg at top NITs ( except trichy )

I have got mechanical at IIT Jammu as the allotted seat in first mock round.

I have also applied for ECE at IIST ,trivandrum which I will be getting most probably by 7th round.

Finally i have to choose between ECE at IIST and mechanical at IIT Jammu which is leading to confusion.
I am more interested in ECE , but need more info regarding iist .
@ananda_krishnan bro need your advice .

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Branch is more important than college as it is the major deciding factor for our future. But does BTech ECE exist in IIST, Trivandrum? I have only heard about BTech in avionics, aerospace engineering and dual degree in engg physics!
IIST is a very reputed institution and if ECE does exist in IIST then I would advise you to take that one instead of IIT Jammu mechanical...
One thing you must note when it comes to IIST is its bond structure...I don't know if any changes have been made now...and I don't remember much about that now(something like you have to sign a bond to work for 5 years in ISRO or pay 10 lakhs if you reject the job even after being should check out those details well before joining...and see if some changes are made now). You can also apply for other jobs after the course so as to avoid bond system.
@Churchil_Dwivedi could have helped you more as he is studying at IIST, Trivandrum...but he isn't active these days.


In IIST ,There is a course on ECE which is named as avionics.
Yes I am ok with bond system . In fact it is like dream come true for me , If I get an opportunity to work in ISRO .

Yes I have gone through everything given in the official site of IIST.
I just wanted to know about it from a reliable person who has experienced it himself or knows more things about IIST.
Thank you bro for your valuable advice!
I will consider IIST then :slight_smile:
Good to hear that people like @Churchil_Dwivedi is going to be my senior !

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Oh..sorry. Yes they do have a BTech course Electronics and communication with specialisation in avionics!
From your reply I can feel the Passion inside you don't have to look back..move on with your choice and opt avionics @ IIST....also CONGRATS BROTHER for cracking the JEE advanced and securing a decent enough rank. Go ahead and do best wishes are always there with you! @Prakhar_2019


It could not have been possible without the help and support by people like you @ananda_krishnan bro. Thanks a lot for being my mentor during my prep days.

I just have a small doubt regarding ECE.
I am interested in electronics stuff and want to work on it and so opted for ECE, but I was not very comfortable with semiconductor chapter given in class 12 NCERT always a fear kind of thing remains like is going to be..will I be able to do it ?
You are studying ECE , so how is your experience in CUSAT ?

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In fact I have only completed my 1st year...and the core subject will be introduced only from the 2nd year. Till now we have been introduced only with basic Electronics. If you haven't studied much about semiconductor and stuffs...then I would advise you to grasp some may take the help of some YouTube lectures as well! You don't have to worry much....will get used to it in a while.
While pursuing your course at iist... simultaneously you should start doing online courses..there are several courses which can lift you up from a novice to ninja! So do keep that in mind. Some courses which could help an electronics student are:

  1. Circuits and electronics (1,2,3) by MIT in edx
  2. Intro to electronics,dc analysis,Ac analysis by Georgina institute in Coursera
  3. Behzad razavi lectures in YouTube are very beneficial (search for both electronics-1 & electronics-2 each with 45 video lectures). These lectures contain almost everything in Electronics....and thus you don't have to study all at once..take your time and complete it along with your course at college.
  4. Ofc don't forget our offers wide range of courses from experienced and brilliant professors!
  5. It is always better to learn some coding...if you wish to then go for mastering python.
  6. Arduino programming is very essential in this current era. You may take an online course or follow YouTube lectures of Paul McWhorter(new Arduino lectures).

ECE is a very interesting subject....I bet you won't regret!
For now you may just forget about all those 6 stuffs listed above and just focus on basic semiconductors(if you have HC verma..then do that only for now!)

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Ok bookmarked !
Thanks for the input.
I am surely going to make my basics strong !

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I finally got selected in IIST for avionics program .

Thank you @goiit-admin for making this wonderful forum . Goiit has helped me a lot in my JEE prep days.
It was the most useful resource I can say.
Thanks to mentors and aspirants who have provided so many hints and solutions even at late night to solve my and other's doubts. We have been a great help to each other throughout the journey.
And special thanks to @pratyaksh_2019 @ananda_krishnan @Viram_2019 for solving most of the doubts .

I would love to answer the doubts and help the aspirants of this forum in college whenever I get time.


Congratulations bro
My pleasure :relieved:


Congratulations. !!! :tada::tada::tada:
We couldn't be more happier !!!


@Prakhar_2019 Congrats Bro! 🥳🎉
All the best !


Sorry brother...was a bit busy for the past one couldn't reach the forum on tym .
Very happy to hear that you have made it into IIST avionics.. congrats!! Wishing you great days ahead...all the best! :blush:

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