Anyone used Kosmic Mathematics for jee mains and advanced?

I would like to purchase kosmik Mathematics for jee mains and advanced. Is this worth to purchase this book? Plz suggest...

According to different reviews that i have read about this book , the level of this book is good , also they explanation of problems are quite good.
But , still i would recommend you to use cengage , because a ‘difficult book’ doesn’t mean that it is a good book w.r.t jee, what is need is a book that cover all types of problems that are asked in jee , and cengage is great with these , it contains all the required theory and a good set of easy to difficult problems . It is a great option for those who wants to learn a chapter from scratch to the level of jee adv .
So basically you can use other books like the one you mentioned as a side book , but don’t use them as you ‘primary book’

Thank you...!!!

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Its a great book but its level is higher than jee like of sameer bansal calculus level you can use it if your able to solve cengage series easily better try arihant in calculus as its better than cengage in calculus only