Anyone have a list of all the different oxidation and reduction reactions shown by organic compounds?

My organic chemistry syllabus is more or less going to be finished in a few days.
So I am planning to write down all the different oxidation and reduction reactions shown by organic compounds as I keep forgetting which reagent reduces/oxidises which compound to what.

Can anyone share me a list of all such reactions ?

@Shaquib, @Shwetanshu_2018 bhaiya do you have any list of such reagents ?

P.S how is the revision series of Sachin Rana on YouTube?

I mean those videos which are 30-60 minutes long explaining all the reactions for a particular chapter?

For reagents and mechanism you can buy SN sanyal’s book
It contains all the reagents , named reactions and all the rearrangements

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@deep_2020 you can go with them , but at this stage i would say you should prefer books and self practise , you can also revise through problem solving , because ultimately it’s that skill of yours that will help you in the exam . And as you have already completed theory and chapters previous, brushing up the concepts with the help of questions can be very productive for you.

Does it cover all the mechanisms and reagents in the syllabus ?
I read somewhere that it doesn't cover all the mechanisms.

Sachin Rana in his unacademy free videos had explained many reagents and reactions with mechanisms and has also skipped many. Last year in his YouTube videos he had said that he had covered all organic chemistry chapters but wasn't done with biomolecules, polymers which are important.

At this point of time I would recommend you to revise all the reactions and mechanisms from the NCERT. I have MS Chouhan theory as well as question book. If you need anything specific you can ask...

SN Sanyal is just a great book and if you devote 3 or 4 day completely then you will able to get good grasp over mechanism.

See I think you should read 12 organic chemistry ncert book once and write it down all reduction and oxidation reaction that will be sufficient for is must to read ncert.
Another thing when you solve questions of this topic write down the reagent on a separate paper.

Okay, can you please tell me how is SN Sanyal ? I want to once take it's reviews before making up my mind towards buying it.

S.N (1).Sanyal_rearrangement (15.1 MB) Here is its pdf version. This book is basically used only for theory.