Any Revision Strategy for January Mains 2020?


Can anyone suggest a revision strategy?
How to manage revision along with studying new topics?


I will suggest you that you should solve old jee mains question paper twice in a week just like original jee mains. Mark the incorrect question and research on them,I am sure you will learn new thing and you will feel very confident on yourself before exam.
Every topic will be on your fingertips.
All the best.

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Can I go for jee adv previous year questions?


I think no need of this.
For chemistry I want to tell you that before going to bed read chemistry book and make short notes.


Here Are some of the tips:
1.make short notes and revise from them.
2. While revising, quiz yourself, ask yourself some questions relevant to the topic
3. Don't only revise theory, practice questions also along with the theory portion.
4.if during revision, you come up with some doubts, clear them as soon as possible.
5. Don't panic in the chapters you are weak, practice them regularly.
6.and before a month before exam dont panic, take rest, eat healthy food and remain calm

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For revision believe me the notes are the best way to do it and without notes its really very difficult to revise all together so start making them. Also, the chapters you are weak and also you dont know something well right now is the time do it . Everyone have a week or two off on diwali and in Maharashtra in ganesh celebration do prepare those topics well and after mid December or even maybe early dont try of learning something new just think of revising topics you are good in and make yourself a promise that from right now you will do 1 hr inorganic chemistry everyday this might be a great difference maker in your rank.

Good luck and hope for the best.


Hey,I expect you to finish the syllabus by September this year.This will give you an ample time of 3 months for revision.I suggest you to focus on the present topics now and devote the weekends for revision of previous topics.Now in October,November and December you can try previous year papers and other sample papers online in time bound manner and give marks to yourself.
keep yourself relaxed on d-day and a good rank is yours.