Any good math books for scoring 18 to 22 out of 25 in KVPY maths?

Please suggest me some great books for maths for KVPY as i have plenly of time these days
please reply

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Are you in class 10 right now ?

yes.i am clear with ncert of class 9, 10.these days i am doing hall and night -higher algebra and "trying" to solve challenge and thrill of pre college mathematics's geometry

You should rather start solving mathematics for jee adv book (topic wise book by cengage ), it covers up everything that is required for kvpy as well .
For now you can solve the chapters with which you are quite familiar like progression and series , quadratic , coordinate geometry

Hall and knight is surely a great book , but it isn’t required nor is meant for kvpy .
If you are aiming for RMO then you can use those books but for kvpy , it is pretty much useless

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I'll surely count on your advice
I am thinking buy TOMATO(test of mathematics at 10+2 level by ISI)
is that going to be a good purchase?
thanks for replying

Sorry but I have never heard about something like this , if you really wanna prepare specifically for kvpy , then you can rather buy the kvpy program by resonance , they provide good material and papers , solving them will give you a good exposure to the problem that are asked in the ‘real examination

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Yes it a good book from my point of view(I only did complex numbers from that)....
You can try those questions after having some fundamental concepts clarity

i am in resonance and have their books of past year questions in KVPY and sample questions booklet.I solve them casually when i get spare time.maybe i am on right track
But your advice on cengage was great.i follow it
thank you

ok.thanks for relpying

If you're confident with calculus and high school algebra I would highly recommend TOMATO
(The subjective questions are quite nice)

did you solve it?

I haven't completed it
I solve it when I have extra time
But it has some really good questions and they'll enhance your thinking ability and improve your approach