According to jee 2020 new pattern will cengage be sufficient?


According to jee 2020 new pattern will cengage be sufficient even i am not able to do tough questions of my fiitjee package should i try tata mc graw hill jee advanced maths book too


Cengage is a great book and will definitely help you in your preparation for both jee mains and advance. Don't worry if you not able to do difficult questions, take it slow, build you confidence by solving mideocre problems and then move to a higher level. Tata McGraw hills book is ,I believe, at a higher level. You can try the example questions for stronger concept builup.


If you are preparing for jee main i suggest you to buy MCQ by ASit Das Gupta. you can solve that book before jee main


Initially you won't be able to solve all the tough problems. You first be thorough with all the concepts.JEE mains is all about solving a given problem within short interval of time which can be done by applying logics and by doing regular practice.Cengage is a very good book which provides variety of problems with different logics.You can also refer R.D Sharma to get your concepts clear.

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See,selection is not done by solving every tough questions.u can get into IIT's by just solving medium and some hard level questions.
So first complete your fiitjee package will take time,no problem.first build confidence.then go for cengage books especially of maths and do not at first try solving all 400 questions of the chapter.
Do selective questions like at a time take just single correct or matching etc.
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Once you have done a topic then you must not fear question pattern. Have confidence in yourself that you can solve any type of question once you know the concept.

If there is a change in pattern of paper then the only difference will be the way of writing answer. That has nothing to do with concept.
Just be prepared to solve properly for numerical answers as you won't get options in that question.
For that you must practice well by solving MCQ's without looking to options.

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Hello,FIITJEE's material generally consists of a good amount of tough problems so don't get disheartened if you aren't able to solve the very tough ones.

Now,Cengage is a very good book and it will surely help you regardless of the pattern.

So I suggest you to study the basic theory of a topic move from the easier level questions of cengage to tougher level and then move on to FIITJEE's material.

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