Aakash Janakpuri or VMC Pitampura for jee dropper?


Aakash is giving me 40 percent scholarship adn there fee will be around 1 lakh while vmc pitampura is offering me 30 percwnt scholarship and there fee will be 1.5 lakh. Also i want to live in janakpuri. What should i choose. I got 94 percentile in mains and 238 marks in bitsat.i hadnt study well. My board percentage is 95.4


For jee coaching vmc pitampura has much better reputation than aakash..

Better not to bring money into picture while deciding about the coaching.., (i know that as students we might be a bit sensitive about the monetary burden on our family but better to keep money factor aside..)

If i were in your situation, i will join vmc pitampura..

Rest you can evaluate situation and then decide what suits you best..

Good Luck :crossed_fingers:


I'll suggest you to join vmc pitampura as it's a Better Institute as compared to Akash, Akash isn't doing well in Jee.vmc Pitampura has good teachers and you will not regret joining there. Teachers there are also well qualified and they make your studies interesting.


I think that vmc pita Pura will be good as the seriousness regarding selection in jee is more there as Akash is good in medical selections


VMC pitampura is more inclined towards jee prepration than aakash.
But, i will just share my experience that at vmc pitampura, the pace of studying is quite fast . Maybe that has changed now.