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Doubts/Queries from JEE Aspirants Answers Activity
Do I need to study ks verma for biomolecules and chemistry in everyday life or ncert is sufficient for jee? 7 March 19, 2020
Can one prepare for JEE Advanced by self study and using online programs (like Etoos, Unacademy etc)? 2 March 19, 2020
Can someone please share a website or pdf where I can practise jee main 2020 paper? 2 March 18, 2020
What study materials to use for BITSAT? 4 March 16, 2020
Can anyone please share the full syllabus tests based on the new JEE Mains 2020 pattern? 3 March 12, 2020
Does anyone have the question papers of full test 3 ,4,5 of the FIITJEE AITS 2020 1 March 11, 2020
Is coaching material enough for preperation if I am aiming for ONLY JEE MAINS? 2 March 8, 2020
Is coaching material enough if I am targetting only jee mains? 5 March 8, 2020
Which have better major test series for Jee main Embibe Or Allen? 3 March 8, 2020
Can any body share his types of reaction - inorganic notes? 8 March 6, 2020
How is Advanced Problems in Algebra by Vikas Gupta? 10 March 1, 2020
Can anyone share iit jee foundation materials for 8th and 9th standards 3 February 25, 2020
Anyone here has the line by line summary of the poem in class 12 of cbse syllabus 3 February 23, 2020
Can anyone recommend me videos to watch for revision 10 February 22, 2020
In what order should I study these? (fiitjee gmp, review packages etc.) 4 February 22, 2020
Thread to share Allen test papers of 2019 - 2020 29 February 21, 2020
Which Physics book should i use before JEE Advanced for good sums? 6 February 8, 2020
Does Physics Galaxy books contains surface tension and viscosity 3 February 8, 2020
Can anyone share 29 Dec Allen aits question paper 15 February 7, 2020
Suggest a book for physics problems I am preparing exclusively for jee main 4 February 5, 2020
Out of Neeraj Kumar, P Bahadur and RC Mukherjee which one is most suitable for JEE Advanced? 8 February 4, 2020
Is Aakash Study materials good enough for JEE? 4 February 4, 2020
Can anyone provide old sheets of bansal classes which were thought to be super tough? 14 February 2, 2020
From where should I study calomel electrode? 2 February 2, 2020
Is there something site in which we can build test paper of some specific chapters? 4 February 2, 2020
Allen has 10 unit tests in Jee Main, from which unit test the paper is based on current jee main pattern? 2 February 1, 2020
Can someone post problems on martrices in which we have to find higher powers of a matrices 2 January 31, 2020
Can someone post questions regarding to IUPAC nomenclature in organic which have high probability to come in jee main 2 January 30, 2020
Can anyone share chapter wise jee advanced level questions for physical chemistry with solutions? 5 January 29, 2020
Where can i get all the jee main 2020 January attempt question papers? 4 January 22, 2020