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Can anyone compare all NITs with HBTU and RVCE 10 February 24, 2020
What is the benefit of giving Aissee exam it says it will give scholarship to students who will study in nit,iit and iiit 12 February 23, 2020
Manipal vs UPSEE Which one should I go for? 7 February 18, 2020
Can anyone compare RVCE(of COMEDK) and HBTU (of UPSEE)? 4 February 17, 2020
How to prepare for IITH-UGEE, if my preparation is for JEE Mains 2 February 15, 2020
Are marks awarded on the basis of what answer we write in the UGEE form 2 February 14, 2020
How to improve my marks in JEE chemistry? 11 February 9, 2020
What is the best way prepare for JEE Adv. in remaining time? 15 February 8, 2020
In JEE Main Jan, I scored 95.45 percentile. Need help to improve score 9 February 6, 2020
I am a dropper and very bad with exam temperament. Need help with preparation strategy 5 February 5, 2020
How to prepare for KVPY SA interview? 2 February 4, 2020
I am expecting 210 in mains. my goal is to get a rank under 1500 in advanced. what should i do in next one month 4 February 4, 2020
Please guide how to tackle this problem in physical chemistry 2 February 4, 2020
How do I Improve my Chemistry and Mathematics Score? 2 February 3, 2020
I improved my JEE mains rank but not WBJEE. What should I do? 2 February 3, 2020
How to start my JEE advanced preparation journey 2 February 3, 2020
How to improve maths 10 January 31, 2020
Can droppers give MHCET? 4 January 27, 2020
Please anyone guide what should i do from now 15 January 25, 2020
Got 95.01 percentile in JEE Main Jan attempt. Low score due to maths. How to improve score in April attempt? 15 January 19, 2020
How to master Jee Advanced chemistry in these 4 months 10 January 18, 2020
How to master JEE advanced physics in last 4 months 2 January 18, 2020
My chemistry is pretty good for JEE Main but not for Advanced. How to prepare for JEE Advanced chemistry? 3 January 18, 2020
Should I fill MH CET, are there any comparable colleges to NITs? 3 January 17, 2020
Is branch change at IITs allowed from Mtech brances to Btech branches at the end of first year? 6 January 16, 2020
Can I solve irodov,vikas Gupta and Sameer bansal calculas within 4 months 6 January 15, 2020
Which program should I consider joining?[POLL] 14 January 11, 2020
Need Guidance for board exam paper of physics 6 January 8, 2020
Should i apply for UPES through JEE or board merit or give their entrance exam? Which is better? 4 January 2, 2020
What other universities you have applied for admission in B.Tech other than IIT's? 7 December 12, 2019