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Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras) is located in the heart of the beautiful and colourful city of Chennai (formerly Madras). It was founded in 1959, making it the third IIT to be established, with technical and financial assistance from the Government of the erstwhile West Germany.

As soon as one enters the institute through the main gate, one witnesses some striking changes in the environment. The campus is amazingly calm, compared to the traffic and noise outside in the city.

It is extremely green and the temperature is noticeably lower than the rest of city, thanks to the heavy tree and forest cover in the 2.5km2 (620acres) campus that was formerly part of the adjoining Guindy National Park!
It is a common sight to see chitals (spotted deer), blackbucks, and other wildlife roaming around freely in the campus like an open zoo!
One can hop onto one of the Institute Buses which ply from the main gate every 15 minutes or considering the huge distances, one can even choose to go on a very long walk.
As one moves down the Bonn Avenue, one comes across a lot of houses, which are the residential quarters for the 360 faculty members and 1250 supporting and administrative staff.
This part of the institute is the Residential Zone. On the parallel road called Delhi Avenue, one will come even across many temples and the Institute Lake. As we move further on the Bonn Avenue, we come across 2 schools - Vana Vani and Kendriya Vidyalaya(KV).
After about 2.5 km on Bonn Avenue, one reaches the Gajendra Circle, which is seen as the mascot and the centre point of the campus!!
All major avenues - Bonn, Delhi, Alumni and Hostel Avenue merge here. The Director's residence, Bose-Einstein Guest House, Dept. of Management Studies(DoMS) and Administration Building are located near the Gajendra Circle.
The huge Institute Stadium is located just behind DoMS. Adjacent to the DoMS, there is a Cafe Coffee Day(CCD) which is a popular hangout zone amongst students.
As one moves further taking the Alumni Avenue, one enters the Academic Zone of the campus, which is flanked by several important buildings like Industrial Consultancy and Sponsored Research(ICSR),
Humanities and Sciences Block(HSB), and an array of labs from simple to very sophisticated . One comes across several buildings of the 15 engineering departments and advanced research centres across various disciplines of engineering and pure sciences, with over 100 laboratories.
A little snooping around will take one to Class Room Complex(CRC) or to the Institute Hospital or to the Centre For Innovation(CFI aka C), the Campus Cafe or even to an IAF aircraft in Dept. of Aerospace Engineering
On moving further down the Alumni Avenue one reaches the JEE and GATE offices and subsequently to the Velachery Gate. and Volleyball. Just next to the football field, one will find the famed IIT Chemplast Cricket Ground, which is the only one of its kind because it hosts Ranji Trophy matches here regularly, not to mention it is the practice ground for Indian Cricket Team!! So, there is a fair chance that one may run into Sachin, Irfan or Dhoni!!




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